Team Building

Team Building

Duration 4 hrs 10am – 2.00pm

Suitable for smaller groups, this would be a hands-on experience where they will be under my guidance and I will share my skills & knowledge throughout the session.  They will be able to work as individuals identifying their own strengths and weaknesses, and ideal for self-development. 

At the end of the session the group will be able to enjoy a light lunch together.

This is ideal for more senior level/ established teams to further develop their dynamics and understanding of individual styles and ways of working.

This would also be an ideal event to be combined with strategic meetings allowing for an interactive and enjoyable break.

You can choose from any of my Cookery workshops for this event, we can also adapt these classes to your requirements.

If you would like to book a class, for more information and price

Contact Mandy on 

01239 810928 or 0782 559 8507

We can then arrange a suitable date and course that suits your needs and arrange payment via paypal or bank transfer