Children's Cookery Workshops (Age 5+)

£15.00 per Child

1 1/2 hr workshop

Teens Cookery Workshops

(Age 10+)

£20.00 per Child

2 hr workshop

  • Aprons are provided to wear during the class

  • Refreshments are provided

  • Packaging is provided to take there creations home

  • Recipe sheets are emailed after the class

  • Allowing the children to show their creative side

  • Its educational, learning about ingredients

  • They weight out all their own recipes

  • The classes are kept small as its important for me that the

       Children get the attention they need

These are also available for Children's Birthday Cookery Parties

Minimum of 5

Pasta Making  

  • They will make their own pasta from scratch and we will then create Ravioli using two different flavoured fillings.  They will then cook it at home in their own kitchen for dinner.  They will also make a garlic butter to put on to sliced baguette to make garlic bread slices.


  •  They will make their own dough by hand from scratch, using a variety of fresh herbs, olives and tomatoes. They will then create their own focaccia using the fresh ingredients of their choice that they will then leave to prove and bake in their own kitchen.


  •  Baking a batch of 12 cupcakes that they will then get to be creative and decorate with various icing & toppings to create their favourite cupcake.


  •  They will make a biscuit dough, having a choice of using a variety of cutters we will then create delicious biscuits, with a variety of fillings and toppings.

Donut Making

  • For this workshop due to the time issues, the sweet dough will be already made for them.  They will weight out each individual doughnut to get the correct size, learn the technique of rolling the balls, or ringed doughnut, these will then be fried and then they will finish with jam & sugar or icing and toppings of their choice.

Carrot Cake Muffins

  • Baking a batch of 12 muffins, they will then make the icing topping along with icing carrots to finish their cupcakes.

Apple Tarts

  • Baking delicious lattice apple pies & apple crumbles

Chocolate Making

  • They will make a Wonka chocolate bar with topping of there choice, also make chocolate lollipops.  (If the children are older 10+ they can make chocolates using moulds)

Cheesecake or Banoffi Pie

  • Creating a delicious cheesecake from scratch and decorations for the finished cake.

Fish Cakes

  • Combining ingredients of their choice they will then make delicious fish cakes, also a healthy coleslaw and beetroot side dish.


We are always adding new classes so please check what new additions we have available





If you would like to book a class

Contact Mandy on 

01239 810928 or 0782 559 8507

We can then arrange a suitable date and course that suits your needs and arrange payment via paypal or bank transfer

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